Colored zsh prompt with git support


A simple way to create a simple colored prompt with git support which may look like this:

example of prompt layout


  1. If the folder ~/.zsh/ doesn’t exist yet, run mkdir ~/.zsh to create it.
  2. Run git clone ~/.zsh/zsh-git-prompt
  3. Add the following at the top of your ~/.zshrc file

    # --- Configure zsh prompt ---
    source ~/.zsh/zsh-git-prompt/
    PROMPT='%B%F{9}%n%F{reset}🐒 :%F{10}%C%F{reset}%b $(git_super_status) %# '

Instructions with a bit more context

Follow these instructions on a unix system (like OSX on a Mac) in a zsh shell 😉:

  1. Get zsh-git-prompt

    Clone the zsh-git-prompt repository into the folder ~/.zsh/zsh-git-prompt (~ denotes the home directory).

  2. Add the following at the top of ~/.zshrc:

    source ~/.zsh/zsh-git-prompt/
  3. Configure the colors

    Right below the line source ~/.zsh/zsh-git-prompt/ in my .zshrc file I add

    PROMPT='%B%F{9}%n%F{reset}🐒 :%F{10}%C%F{reset}%b $(git_super_status) %# '


    • I picked colors red (F{9}) and green (F{10})
    • I like emojis 😅. Do you want to keep the 🐒?
    • Run the following to view all 256 possible color values:

      for i in {1..256}; do print -P "%F{$i}Color : $i"; done;

      This should give you the following output (first few lines):

      zsh prompt which shows result of all colors command

    • To adapt the colors, change the numbers, e.g. change %F{9} to %F{5} for a pink color.
    • Whatever is in-between %F{your_color} and %F{reset} takes on the chosen color your_color.
    • %F{reset} is important to reset the colors. Otherwise everything that followsf would keep the color set in %F{your_color}
    • This StackOverFlow reply made me learn about this.


  • Oh My Zsh is the most popular alternative but all of the possible configurations and plugins overwhelmed me a bit. I like the simplicity of this approach.

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